Dear community,

I thought it’d be best to provide an update on what’s been happening recently amongst the Arma community or at least a handful of malicious people targeting us and others like Exile. As you know as of late many communities have been breached in a number of ways e.g. websites/forums. I’m sure the methods of which are still unknown or under investigation.

Unfortunately we were also affected by it, thankfully, it was nothing connected to you our community in terms of YOUR data. To further elaborate on this matter we’re referring to our property e.g. mission / code. This is a fair warning to anyone whom proceeds to use this data / content / code without our permission. Anyone found to be using such data will be sent a notification requesting said content to be removed immediately or taken down. Failure to comply and respond to said notification will result in further escalation to other parties such as Bohemia themselves, which may result in your server(s) running any of our content (without our permission) to be taken down and blacklisted.

Further offences may lead to stronger more severe measures such as legal action under the relevant Intellectual property laws. Thankfully most of you are loyal respectable members of the community and none of this will apply to you. As this affects you the (fair legitimate players and hosts out there). People altering said code to exploit in game mechanics beyond our roadmap / vision will be pursued promptly.

All the best from the team here at ArmAKotH.

Author: Inch
Published: September 01, 2016

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