Dear players,

All players that modified their King of the Hill profile and were subsequently banned for it will be given a second chance. All such bans have been lifted and you will be reset upon entering the mission, you will be presented with the following message in game:

If you see this message you can approach us, we will offer to restore your profile to your lastest legitimate level we have for you providing that it was of a reasonably high level. (Level 25+, sorry we don’t have a complete history).
Then you will be given your second and only chance. This also will apply for new players. You will be allowed ONE appeal after today following any further transgressions. If you further see fit to alter your stats after being unbanned, you will indeed be banned again with no option of appeal. You will also not be unbanned when the "database" goes live. This will be strictly enforced so take heed of our warning.

Now onto well, what you need to do if you want to take us up on our offer. You’ll of-course need your PlayerID, you’ll then need to login to our discord server click the image below to join (this should also take you directly to the channel where you’ll be processed for a restore if you’re level 25+). The channel name in case you’re unsure is as follows “koth-profile-restore”.

Also don't forget to backup your profiles, not sure how to? Follow the below video.

All the best from the team here at ArmAKotH.

Author: Inch
Published: September 26, 2016

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