Hello, as you've all no doubt already noticed, 2x XP is currently live on all official 1944 servers. This will continue throughout the week until the 5th of June 00:00 BST.

You now might be asking especially if you're a server owner - through one of our partners, when can I switch over? This'll probably happen with the next 24hrs. Why? We're still working on some key balance issues which I'll touch on below.

To further elaborate on the above we're currently reviewing the possibility at increasing the level cap on almost everything, especially armed vehicles (sorry guys). We're also working with the Iron Front development team to get things like the MAR98K muzzle velocity fixed ASAP.

Bugs, glitches, exploits? Found some? Good, somewhat. Now report them!
Head on over to our bug tracker and create an account here to get reporting. Without reports it is very difficult for us to fix things.

To tie things off quickly as its 2am here! We're hopefully expecting another Iron Front patch soon (no eta yet), which should fix some of the larger bugs people have already reported to us.
Also! if you haven't yet, vote on our most recent POLL on Twitter: Vote! This is in regards to disabling 3rd person on all 1944 servers.

Author: Inch
Published: May 30, 2016

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