1944 MOD Hotfix 31/05 Notes:
~ Change: armor values of German and US soldiers (due to BI config issue).

1944 MOD Hotfix 30/05 Notes:
~ Fixed: AA+plane gun sounds (temp use of A3 cannon sound).
~ Fixed: excessive explosion of cars. Other vehicles also configured properly.
~ Fixed: faulty armor of German and US soldiers (due to BI config issue).
~ Fixed: volume of car/truck horn sound.
~ Fixed: cars/trucks getting stuck at certain surfaces (workaround for now).
~ Fixed: plane bombs from auto to semiAuto firemode.

Mission Hotfix 31/05 Notes:
~ Fixed: Team balance now constantly checks player numbers
~ Fixed: wrong ammo for DP28
~ Change: adjusted the position of the Blue base
~ Disabled: 2x XP due to some balance issues

Mission Hotfix Changes 30/05:
~ Fixed: Team Balance
~ Fixed: Icon Error on the revive screen
~ Change: Increased the cost of Tanks

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Author: Inch
Published: May 31, 2016

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