Changes - Version 9.1:

[NEW] Magazine repack button on inventory screen
[NEW] Lightweight appearances affect your speed
[NEW] Tanoa-specific uniforms colors
[CHANGE] Appearances rebalanced between all 3 sides
[FIX] VTOLs were using jet view distance limits instead of helicopter ones
[FIX] VTOLs now leak fuel after getting hit With A.A
[FIX] Weapons no longer disappear after revive for real this time (at least we think)
[FIX] Icons were not showing for 100 meters view distance
[FIX] LIM-86 now gets suppressor with Silencer perk is equipped.
[FIX] Vehicle Inventory can no longer be accesssed anywhere
[FIX] Vehicle Inventory radius descreaed so players around vehicles can be looted
[FIX] Other minor things

Please note this is only an interim patch we have more coming very soon. We thought it was best to address some of the bigger issues introduced in the latest game update (1.66). Not forgetting a few balance issues and a new milestone in fixing assets vanishing on revive! :)

Author: Inch
Published: Jan 05, 2017

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